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Global Grace International is an international mission with the international headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. We are a restoration and revival ministry that takes the Word of God to the Church to equip and mobilize it to come into maturity and do the work of ministry.

By the preaching and teaching the Word of God and by practically training and leading the body of Christ to win the lost for Jesus Christ we mobilize the Church to bring in the harvest. To accomplish this we set up and execute meetings, campaigns, seminars, and conferences to make the Word of God available to all the Church and to evangelize the local community! By executing physical and online seminars, meetings and campaigns we will be a voice of faith and restoration throughout Sweden, Scandinavia and to the uttermost parts of the earth.

This is a ministry and work that seeks to serve the Church, making the Word of God and ministry available without putting a weight or charge on the local church. We aim to be an instrument of salvation, encouragement, inspiration, healing, faith and restoration for the Church by serving the Church, no strings attached. This is not business, it is ministry!

Our mission is to serve in the Kingdom of God, to administer, facilitate, and support, the Church (local churches, ministers, ministries, and missions) in order to realize the four major ministry objectives of the Mission:

1. Evangelism & Church Planting 2. Restoration, Revival, Teaching & Training (Discipleship)
3. Charitable Giving and Services 4. Market place missions

We serve the body of Christ by empowering believers; pastors, ministers, ministries, missions and the local churches, for the work of service and for the building up of the Body of Christ.

King David once said, “the work is great” (I Chronicles 29:1), and “this building is not for man but for God”! So it is with the ecclesia (Christ´s Church - called out ones), it is a building not of man or mans hands, but by and for God. It is a building without wood or stone, ceilings or walls or denominational determination… it is the body of Christ!

Through evangelistic preaching, teaching and training the believers in the Word of God and building strong relations with local churches nation wide and internationally; we aim to be an instrument of restoration and revival as well as a harvesting Kingdom group.
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